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What is D-Dimer When a blood vessels or tissues are injured in our body, bleeding occurs. Body has a mechanism to stop the bleeding called homeostasis by which blood clot develops initially and block the leaked or injured area. Later on, injured area repaired permanently. When full repairing is done,Continue Reading


THEORY A brief outline of etiology, pathogenesis and general feature of disease of the following system (The morphology, microscopic details and details of diagnostic procedure are not required) Blood Disorder of RBC Disorder of WBC Disorder of platelets Blood vessels Atherosclerosis Thromboangitis  Obliterans Varicose veins DVT Thrombophelebitis Lymphoedeme Disorders ofContinue Reading

H and E staining

Hematoxylin and Eosin staining of tissue section is main staining method of histopathology staining. It helps to identify human tissue structure. The method of hematoxylin and eosin stains are described in short. Procedure Put the slide on hot plate/ flaming for few seconds ( to soften paraffin ) Then immediatelyContinue Reading