Anticoagulants are substances that prevents blood coagulation. There are many chemical substances that prevent blood coagulation. All of them have some merits and demerits. There are variety of blood tests abd a single anticoagulant is not suitable for all the purpose. So, many types of anticoagulants are used in pathologicalContinue Reading

Malaria Parasite count

Malaria parasite count provides information on severity of infection and the response of treatment. It provide information on malaria burden which is necessary for prognostic purpose and help in monitoring the disease and is  vital for proper management of patient. This may also help to assess response to malaria vaccineContinue Reading

Lab helpline

What is D-Dimer When a blood vessels or tissues are injured in our body, bleeding occurs. Body has a mechanism to stop the bleeding called homeostasis by which blood clot develops initially and block the leaked or injured area. Later on, injured area repaired permanently. When full repairing is done,Continue Reading


A reticulocyte is a immature Erythrocyte that has lost its nucleus but retains aggregates of RNA within its ribosome. Mature RBC do not contain RNA. DEVELOPMENT OF RBC Pronormoblast Earliest Erythrocyte identifiable is “Pronormoblast”. Also called RUBRIBLAST. It divide and give 16 mature RBC through 4 cell division within 72Continue Reading