About me

Hi friends,

I am Dr.Swapan Kumar Biswas, Master degree holder in medical science (M.D.) from University of Calcutta (Kolkata), India.

I am a regular writer on health issues, in Bengali and english language.

I am the author of a book on breast feedind named  (in Bengali)  “ NABOJATOK O SISHUR KHADYO- STON DUGDHO O ONANYO” – “FEEDING OF NEWBORN AND INFANT- BREAST FEEDING AND OTHERS.

This site is to help common people to primary health care, to learn about common disease and their remedies- possible at home.

This site will also provide medical laboratory technological information and assistance to persons attached with diagnostic setup.

To keep mental health strong- this site and my you tube channel will also give information on travel.

Overall, I hope this will be a healthy site to keep good health.

Hope you will all enjoy the site.

Thank you. Keep in touch.


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