Dipstick Method

Test for urine protein


Protein in urine is called proteinuria. There are various tests to detect urine protein. Mostly used tests are-

Heat & acetic acid test  -this is the most common test

Heat Test
Heat and acetic acid Test


  • Take  urine in a test tube almost 2/3rd filled
  • heat upper part
  • àcloud appear.
  • Add 3% acetic acetic acid 2-3 drop
  • If coagulum persists then presence of Albumin confirmed.
  • If coagulum disappears – possible cause of cloudiness is presence of phosphates.

Result – in case of proteinuria

  • Neg- no cloud
  • Trace  – barely visible cloudiness
  • 1+ à definite cloud without granular deposit [ < 0.1%]
  • 2+ à heavy granular cloud without flocculation [ 0.10-0.25%]
  • 3+ à dense cloud with flocculation [ 0.25-0.5% ]
  • 4+ à thick, curdy ppt. With coagulation [. .5%]

Sulphosalicylic acid test :

Take 2ml Urine and add equal volume 3% Sulphosalicylic acid à invert test tube & mix à stand 10min.

Reading similar like heat & acetic acid test.

Heller’s Nitric acid test:

Take 1ml concentrated fuming Nitric acid à add 2ml Urine by the side of TT à whitish ring appears at the junction due to formation of metaprotein.

Dipstick method

Detect albumin in strip changing colour.  Detect as low as 20mg% albumin in urine.

Quantitative test : Esbach`s method by Esbach`s Albuminometer

  • Take filtered acidified urine up to U mark of albumin meter àadd reagent up to R markà stand for 24 hours.
  • Take reading after 24 hours.
  • Reading are expressed as gm/L. 
  • Result divided by 10 will give mg%. 
  • Result X 24 hours urine quantity will give à 24 hrs total urine excretion

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